“Traditional Troubadours”

Buffalo Barfield and Miss Bumadean

Gregg “Buffalo” Barfield & Michele Barfield

“The Barfield’s are a lively, living link to our historical past! By engaging young, old, they reconnect us with our heritage through song, dance, music, laughter. If you haven’t yet experienced the joy of The Barfield’s Unherd of Entertainment, you’re in for a treat. They are the real thing! Just what we need in this day, time…”

Dr. Anne Blythe, Curator – Upcountry History Museum.

Traditional American Music for any Stage!

“Not only are we the preferred choice as an opening act for your main stage entertainment, but we also offer some of the most entertaining music shows, & folk instrument workshops available for audiences of all ages on any stage!   This show offers a musical blend of Traditional Country & Western classics, Bluegrass, Folk, Old-Time, Gospel, and Country Blues.  All this, with just the right touch of History, & Down-Home “Clean” Humor!”